A mobile app that lets you meet random strangers and speak anonymously through pictures, GIFs, videos or emojis — no text allowed! 🙊 Be creative, and if you like each other, ask your partner for a real contact.

No text allowed

PicMe lets you communicate with a randomly chosen stranger from the world. What's new? Well, you and your partner can not write text. Take a selfie, search your favorite GIF, send emojis, map locations and more, and try to communicate creatively!

Pick your partner

If you like your partner, tap the pick button. In case your partner does the same, you will finally be able to exchange contacts and talk in a more ordinary way. And if you don't like your partner… just skip to the next chat!

Different rules

Have fun with different chat rules — when you start a new chat, we will randomly choose the rules. Sometimes text is disabled; some others either you or your partner will be able to write, while the other participant will have to answer through pictures and GIFs.

No registration required

PicMe requires no registration — we just ask you for your gender and you're ready to go. Chats can be protected with a passcode, and are automatically deleted after two weeks of inactivity.

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